Mandurah Swiss Copy Watch Brand A Labour Of Love To Fight Cancer

Mandurah is known for many things - those beautiful beaches, the laid back lifestyle and all the delicious blue swimmer crabs.

An international cheap replica watches uk brand is probably the last thing you'd expect to find in the southern city, but Dan and Anoushka Strange have established John Taylor Watches to put Mandurah on the map.

And the way their business came about in Mandurah is even more of a surprise.

The couple's eight-year-old daughter Isabella is a survivor of eye cancer and when she needed a new prosthetic eye they were struggling to find the cash they needed.

The couple took their life savings and invested it in manufacturing a short run of watches and starting a crowd-sourcing campaign.

"I was doing my own little social media hobby and had a bit of an online following, so I was always getting sent watches and my dad always bought me watches when I was growing up, I loved them," Ms Strange said.

"We were just brainstorming, how could we make this into something, how could we support our daughter besides our day to day jobs which just support our living costs.

"We just came together and said, 'We love watches, this is something we can actually do'."

Mr Strange said he went to a range of suppliers before finding one that could manufacture replica watches review that watchmakers believed were better quality than their competitors and then launched a Kickstarter campaign.

John Taylor Replica Watches
John Taylor Replica Watches

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